“The sense of accomplishment that invades you at the finish line you crossed is beyond imagination.”

Welcome to Ultra Cycling

In figures

4 distances
500 km, 1000 km, 2500 km, 300 km
Event highlights
Cairngorms, Lake District, Peak District, Pilgrim’s way, Scottish Highlands...
Countries crossed
The challenge
Solo, Pair, team of 4
Our values
Gender equality Inclusivity Sustainability

2500 KM


1000 KM


500 KM


300 KM

“Much more than a cycling event, Race Across UK is a human and sporting adventure committed to sustainability and inclusivity.”


We know it’s a long time to wait, but let’s look on the bright side. You can imagine many roads and places you would like to ride in… We will unveil our wonderful maps in February, it will be worth the wait 😉

We want you to feel good during your amazing journey so checkpoints will be provided with: food and drinks, shower and towels, toilets, an area to sleep, mechanical assistance (at some checkpoints) 

A GPX file will be provided closer to the event for you to download and you must follow this route. If you leave the route at any point (e.g. to rest or for resupply) you must rejoin the route at the point which you left it. You will also be provided with a GPS tracker as part of your entry which will allow the organisers to track you (and your friends & family to follow you!)

The road remains open to traffic at all times. We ask you to remain vigilant and to respect the rules of the road during the event for your safety.

The time limits are challenging but achievable and will require riders to fully commit to the endeavour to succeed.
To give some examples: the 2,500km route needs to be completed in 10 days (240 hours) which means riding 250km per day, with an average of 3,300m of climbing per day. A rider would need to ride for 12.5hrs each day at 20kmh for 10 consecutive days to reach the finish within the time cut off.
The 1,000km route needs to be completed within 5 days. This would mean a rider covering 200km per day for 5 consecutive days with an average of 2,700m of climbing each day. A rider would need to ride for 10 hours per day at 20kmh for 5 days.
If you do not reach a checkpoint within the time limit you will no longer be considered a race participant and your GPS tracker will be deactivated. You can continue your adventure but you will not be supported by the organisation from this point onwards or be counted as a race finisher.

If the event is cancelled by something outside our control as organisers (e.g. Covid restrictions, Force Majeure) riders will be offered a variety of options by the organisers (deferral, transfer, partial refund) which will be confirmed in due time.

If a rider cannot attend the event for any reason, the following refund policy will apply:
– From registration opening to 6 months before date of event: 100% of refund less administrative fee
– From 6 months to 4 months before date of event: 80% of refund less administrative fee
– From 4 months to 2 months before date of event: 40% of refund less administrative fee
– From 2 months to 1 month before date of event: 20% of refund less administrative fee
– From 1 month to the date of event: 0% of refund

Administrative Fee: £45

  • GPS Tracker with alert button
  • GPS Route file
  • Official Event Cap
  • Bike bag/luggage drop off (start) & collection (finish)
  • 24hr staffed checkpoints with food & drinks, showers, an area to sleep and mechanical assistance (at some checkpoints)
  • 24hr emergency number in case of emergency
  • A pre-race briefing
  • A post-event party at the finish
  • Professional photographers & videographers
  • A finishers medal
  • An amazing group of staff & volunteers
  • Great deals from our event partners
  • The chance to ride across several beautiful countries
  • Memories to last a lifetime

Ride Rules

Race Across UK 12 rules for a fun and safe ultra-ride

  1. No drafting: The ride is self supported which means you need to get to the destination without drafting a fellow cyclist (or vehicle) unless you are riding as a pair or team of four where drafting between each other is allowed. Drafting results in disqualification.
  2. Follow the route: This will be provided as a GPX file and it is imperative that you follow it from the start to the finish and do not deviate. If you do need to leave the route for resupply or a mechanical you will need to return to the point that you left the route and continue from there. The route is on road, and requires a suitable road bike with normal road bike tyres. Some deviations onto cycle paths may occur but will be rideable on a road bike.
  3. Check points: These will be at approximately 500 km intervals and will offer mechanical and medical support as well as food and drink, warm smiles and encouragement! It is important to rest and take a break when you need to, we do not suggest you solely use the check points to sleep when required. Camping, bivvy, hotel, b&b to be used.
  4. Helmets, Lights, working bike: It is mandatory to wear a helmet when on the bicycle, to have working lights, with a rear light on at all times and front light from dusk until dawn. The bike needs to be in good mechanical order with working brakes, good tread on tyres. All mechanical problems on the road will need to be addressed by the rider, although there will be static mechanical support provided at the checkpoints.
  5. Self supported: No outside assistance is permitted. All forward travel needs to be pedal powered. Vehicle support is not allowed within the race. If you scratch/decide to withdraw from the race you must inform race HQ as soon as possible. You will no longer be permitted to use the check points.
  6. Follow the rules of the road: Observe all traffic laws, cycle on the left, stop at red lights and stop signs. Treat other road users with respect: give way to pedestrians on cycle paths. Be respectful to other cyclists, our aim for this event is to be inclusive of gender, race, and all levels of cyclists. We want to encourage new riders to the world of ultracycling. So please be respectful on the road and lets build a beautiful community together.
  7. Think green: Where possible travel to the starts and finish by train and boat. The route has been planned to allow the possibility for this. Leave no trace, the route will take you through some of the most beautiful and wild parts of the UK, including seven national parks and 5 outstanding areas of natural beauty, please respect the country code and leave no trace, taking nothing but photographs.
  8. Insurance is mandatory: It needs to be taken out by each individual rider. Please confirm with your insurance provider that the cover you have in place is suitable for an ultra cycling event. If you from overseas, rescue and repatriation cover is a requirement.
  9. Good Health: You must be in good health. You should know of no good reason (mental or physical) why you should not participate or would be advised by a medical practitioner not to participate.
  10. Be Prepared: Entering into an ultra cycling event provides a significant risk to participants which should not be underestimated or taken lightly. Riders are responsible for their own safety and responsible for ensuring they have adequate rest periods (take a break and sleep). Safety depends solely on the riders ability to adapt. Riders may be confronted with the following (and more): storms, bad weather, mechanicals, lack of phone signal. Riders must wear their GPS trackers at all times, no exceptions.
  11. Embrace the challenge: The routes are designed to allow multiple entry points. If it is your first long distance event you may want to start with the 300 km or 500 km or if you are a dab hand then head straight for the 2500 monster. It is important to be aware of what you are taking on.
  12. Smile: The low points will be the talked about high points (but probably after the event :D).

The above is an outline summary of the rules to allow an understanding of the event. A more detailed document will be provided closer to the event start date.


Race Across UK is a large undertaking across several countries and over a substantial period of time. Provide support at a checkpoint, help the riders collect their bibs at the start, meet them at the finish, provide refreshments locally enroute, offer a venue as a checkpoint. Whatever you can provide and however you can support, we’d love to hear from you!