Arnaud Manzanini

Le fondateur de la Race Across France

Arnaud Manzanini, whose passion for cycling has become a philosophy of life, is a man of challenge and sharing, a long-distance cyclist, a lover of solitary effort who is nevertheless delighted with all the opportunities to ride in a group.

Finishing the famous Race Across America twice and holding 2 world records, he is the instigator of a new anthology event that he imported in 2018, surrounded by an experienced team.

Arnaud has a real vision on the practice of ultra cycling in France, Europe and the World.

An addict to cycling since his cousin put his first bicycle in his hands at the age of four, which was supposed to remain only a passion takes on a whole new dimension in 2010, when Arnaud discovered this unique practice of cycling: ultra-distance.

For him, for whom this sport, more than any other, is a vector of emotions, a moment of escape and a time of almost spiritual reflection, finds in ultra-distance the absolute challenge.

Effort, perseverance and teamwork “in ultra-distance the effort is certainly solitary, but success can only be collective”, he likes to recall, are combined in this extreme sport of which he became in 2015 one of the most distinguished representatives.

By entering the very closed circle of the Finishers of the legendary “Race Across America“, with what is more the best French time and second best time on the American plains, the Frenchman has established himself as one of the most respected athletes in the world of cycling.

By going beyond himself, Arnaud Manzanini has fulfilled himself, sportily, socially and humanly.

This relay passer who dreamed, as a child, of living on his bike, imagined giving France its own maximalist race and, perhaps, arousing other vocations by going to the heart of the regions and even accompanying in the discovery of the discipline.

His friends recognize the smile on his face that “When there is Ultra….. There’s Manza.”



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Graduated from the international coaching institute, Arnaud will guide you on the emotional and organizational preparation part. All the information in the "Coaching" tab



As a child, Arnaud had two dreams: the United States and cycling.
He explains how he made his dream come true by participating in the legendary Race Across America, which crosses the United States from West to East.



Découvrez l'aventure Américaine d’Arnaud Manzanini et de son équipe.



Race Across UK is a large undertaking across several countries and over a substantial period of time. Provide support at a checkpoint, help the riders collect their bibs at the start, meet them at the finish, provide refreshments locally enroute, offer a venue as a checkpoint. Whatever you can provide and however you can support, we’d love to hear from you!


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