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Join one of the most magnificient ultracycling road events across the UK.
Taking inspiration from Race Across France, Race Across UK is a new ultracycling event that will take you on a journey along the beautiful roads of Scotland, England and Wales.

Take your first step into ultra cycling with the 300 km or enter the ultimate 2500 km. With a choice of 4 distances (300 Km, 500 Km, 1000 Km & 2500 Km), support at the checkpoints with food an drinks, showers (and towels), an area to sleep, mechanical assistance (at some checkpoints) and a spectacular roadmap, the Race Across UK is made for everyone who wants the ultimate adventure by bike.

Committed to sustainability and inclusivity. Our event encourages green travel with ease of access by boat and train to start and finish. You can ride solo, in a pair, or a team of four. So gather your friends and let the adventure begin.

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We are looking for cyclists with an interesting story to tell, some passion and those who hold similar values to us. Please fill in the form and tell us why you think you should be an ambassador for Race Across UK.


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Race Across UK is a large undertaking across several countries and over a substantial period of time. Provide support at a checkpoint, help the riders collect their bibs at the start, meet them at the finish, provide refreshments locally enroute, offer a venue as a checkpoint. Whatever you can provide and however you can support, we’d love to hear from you!


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